Sorol Art Museum

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Sorol Art Museum

Sorol Art Museum is set to inaugurate as a new public art museum. Sorol Art Museum derives its name from the area’s old historical name, “Sorol,” which means “a village with many pine trees” in Korean. Sorol Art Museum, located in Gyo-dong 7 Park in Gangneung, consists of two above-ground floors and one underground floor, with a total floor area of 3,221.76 square meters.

Meier Partners’ architecture

Sorol Art Museum is designed by the Meier Partners showcasing the architectural design and philosophy of the modern master architect, Richard Meier. Recognized by his distinctively white buildings that generously incorporate natural light, Richard Meier has previously designed world-renowned art museums such as the High Museum of Art in Atlanta (built in 1983), the Museum for Applied Art in Frankfurt (1985), the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona (1995), and the Getty Center in Los Angeles (1997). Sorol Art Museum is an immersive art center where art and architecture are conceived of as one. It is expressed through the simplicity of form, materiality, and composition, creating a harmonious relationship with nature. It also aspires to create an open space where art, nature, and people converge. The vision of Sorol Art Museum, aiming to communicate with the world through art, harmoniously visualizes the interaction between the interior and exterior through Meier Partners’ architecture.

The Museum Connecting Korean Art and Global Art

Sorol Art Museum is an art museum illuminating the art historical context of Korean art by connecting with global art. It collaborates with various domestic and international art museums and art-related institutions, planning exhibitions based on academic research. Sorol Art Museum introduces the artistic worlds of contemporary art masters, highlighting their historical significance and artistic values. Furthermore, the museum’s vision is to discover the aesthetic connections between Korean art and global art, aiming to promote the historical value of Korean art in the global art scene.

An Art Museum That Adds to the City’s Dignity

Sorol Art Museum is a new cultural landmark in the city of Gangneung. It is expected to provide opportunities for both citizens and tourists to enjoy nature and experience world-class art exhibitions. It adds a touch of dignity to the cultural and artistic scene in the region.